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July 1, 2014: visit to ESA Redu

It’s has already been more than two months that some of you participated to a visit of ESA’s Redu center and the Galaxia start-ups incubator.
It’s then time for the beSPACE members who missed the event to regret their absence 😉

The rendez-vous held on Tuesday 1st of July at the Namur train station at midday. Around twenty curious beSPACE members left Namur for Libin and Transinnes in the province of Luxembourg in a comfortable coach. The beSPACE shuttle arrived an hour later on top of the hill overlooking the ESA’s Redu center, under a nice shining sun. The visit looked promising.


The Redu center director, Daniele Galadini, started to review the history of the center and detailed the surroundings : landscape, dishes and buildings purposes, situation, etc.

We could have a closer look to the structure and size of the impressive new dish dedicated to the Galileo satellites in-orbit validation. An engineer of the center detailed the behaviour of the different dishes and the processes of the future Galileo constellation validation, but also the qualification procedures of the Galileo satellites already flying above our heads. The group could then discover the operation rooms dedicated to the Proba-2 mission and the Galileo programme. Many telemetry and communication instruments connected to the different dishes for various missions the center cares for could also be observed.

Redu 2

Running out of time, the beSPACE explorers unfortunately had to quickly leave the center to head toward the Galaxia start-ups incubator in Transinne, next to the Euro Space Center. An introduction to the ESA’s business incubation program was given and an incubated start-up, ESNAH, and the space-days were presented.
It was then time to go back home, after an interesting and exciting afternoon, waiting for another beSPACE adventure.

For the beSPACE team,
Jean-Brieuc Feron