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Lettre ouverte “Belgique spatiale: la vision de beSPACE”

Retrouvez l’entièreté de notre lettre ouverte ici (en anglais): beSPACE White Paper

Le gouvernement fédéral belge s’est engagé en 2014 à créer sa propre agence spatiale, qui gérera la politique spatiale belge. Depuis lors, le secteur spatial a vécu des changements importants, autant avec l’apparition de nouveaux acteurs commerciaux et de nouvelles puissances spatiales qu’avec l’émergence d’innovations technologiques disruptives. Ces changements nécessitent une réponse appropriée de toutes les parties prenantes, privées comme publiques.

beSPACE représente une communauté de plus de 300 jeunes passionnés d’aérospatial vivant ou travaillant en Belgique. Son équipe organisatrice veut fournir sa vision de la Belgique spatiale afin d’assurer la compétitivité belge et afin de maintenir sa position de leader européen. L’avis des auteurs est basé sur leur expérience du terrain, sur leurs différentes expertises en matière spatiale, et sur leur désir d’aider à construire la future agence spatiale belge.

beSPACE croit en une agence spatiale belge indépendante, menant des stratégies dynamiques cohérentes au niveau communautaire, régional et fédéral. Cette future agence spatiale rendra le secteur spatial belge plus compétitif si elle encourage son unité, sa vision, son dynamisme et son innovation, permettant ainsi à la Belgique de se développer en tant que « point chaud » spatial améliorant continuellement ses compétences à haute valeur ajoutée.

Nous encourageons de plus tous les acteurs, publics comme privés, à préparer les prochaines générations d’experts aérospatiaux belges et poussons aux partenariats transdisciplinaires. Nous considérons effectivement ces deux éléments comme capitaux afin de stimuler l’innovation et l’excellence.

Retrouvez l’entièreté de notre lettre ouverte ici (en anglais): beSPACE White Paper

Open brief “Ruimtevaart in België: de visie van beSPACE”

Lees de volledige open brief hier (in het Engels): beSPACE White Paper

De Belgische federale regering besliste in 2014 om zijn eigen ruimtevaartagentschap op te richten. Tegelijkertijd verandert de ruimtevaart wereldwijd aan een sneltempo, denk maar aan de opkomst van nieuwe spelers en indrukwekkende technologische doorbraken. Dit veranderend landschap vereist een passend antwoord van alle betrokken bedrijven en overheden.

beSPACE, dat zijn meer dan 300 jongeren die wonen of werken in België en die gepassioneerd zijn door ruimtevaart. In deze open brief verwoordt het beSPACE core team zijn visie over ruimtevaart in België, met als doel dat de Belgische concurrentiekracht gewaarborgd en verbeterd wordt, en dat België zijn leidende positie in Europa kan behouden. Het advies van de auteurs is gebaseerd op hun uiteenlopende ervaring in de Belgische ruimtevaartsector en hun verlangen om mee te helpen bouwen aan het toekomstige Belgische ruimtevaartagentschap.

beSPACE gelooft in een onafhankelijk Belgisch ruimtevaartagentschap dat leiding geeft aan een duidelijke strategie die coherent is tussen de verschillende gemeenschappen, regio’s en de federale overheid. Dit agentschap zal het concurrentievermogen van de Belgische ruimtevaartsector bevorderen als het inzet op eenheid, visie, dynamiek en innovatie, waardoor België verder kan groeien als een ruimtevaart “hot spot”.

Zowel ruimtevaartbedrijven als overheden hebben er alle belang bij om de volgende generatie van de Belgische ruimtevaart aan te moedigen en op te leiden, en daarnaast moeten samenwerkingsverbanden tussen verschillende disciplines worden aangemoedigd. Deze twee elementen zijn essentieel voor de toekomst van hoogtechnologische innovatie in de Belgische ruimtevaartsector.

Lees de volledige open brief hier (in het Engels): beSPACE White Paper

White paper “Belgium in space: beSPACE’s vision”

Download the full white paper here: beSPACE White Paper

The Belgian federal government committed in 2014 to create its own space agency to handle with the Belgian space policy. Meanwhile, the space sector has seen dramatic changes on a global scale, both with the rise of new commercial actors and space powers, and with the emergence of disruptive technical innovations. These changes call for an appropriate response from all stakeholders, private and public.

beSPACE represents a community of over 300 youths living or working in Belgium with a passion for space. Its core team wants to provide its vision of Belgium in space in order for its country to remain competitive and maintain its position as a European leader. The authors’ point of view is based on their field experience, on their different expertise around space matters and on their desire to help building the future Belgian space agency.

This paper starts with a short review of the new global trends in space. Our recommendations to the Belgian space sector are then outlined and detailed.

beSPACE believes in an independent Belgian space agency leading dynamic strategies coherently at the community, regional and federal level. This future space agency will empower the Belgian space sector if it fosters its unity, vision, dynamism and innovation, allowing Belgium to grow as a space hot spot continuously improving its core skills.

We further urge all actors, public and private, to prepare the next generations of Belgian space experts and encourage trans-disciplinary partnerships. We consider these two elements as instrumental to stimulate innovation and excellence.

Download the full white paper here: beSPACE White Paper

We are hiring!

The beSPACE core team is looking for fresh blood!

Here is what we offer:

  • Valuable experience that you can add to your CV
  • The opportunity to meet lots of people from the space industry, academia and related institutions

We ask the following of you:

  • Your motivation and some of your free time to organise high-profile events and to attend a few in-person meetings
  • Your contribution when brainstorming about future event ideas and about beSPACE in general

Do you like what you just read? Then you are our man or woman! Just send an email to if you are interested. We will take it from there 🙂

Humanity out of its cradle – 11 October 2016

Entry is free, but please register here.

On Tuesday 11 October 2016, a philosopher, an astrophysicist and an artist join their forces to explain our urge to explore.

Speakers: Prof. Dominique Lambert, Dr. Yaël Nazé, Stephanie Roland

For who? Everyone, it’s free, but please register here

When? Tuesday 11 October 2016 at 18:30

Where? von Karman Institute, Waterloosesteenweg 72, 1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode

Humanity Out Of Its Cradle

Supported by von Karman Institute, Antwerp Space, L’Arbre de Diane and beSPACE

World Space Week: Space Quiz

Space Quiz poster

Space Quiz

This year the World Space Week kicks off with a big Space Quiz on Sunday the 4th of October. This event is accessible to everyone (minimum recommended age: 10) and announces itself as an afternoon full of learning, surprises, suspense and fun!

For the programme of the rest of the week and for more information about World Space Week in general you can check out and If you have any questions, please contact To go directly to the registration page, please click here:

beSPACE is part of the organisation of this quiz, so we look forward to welcoming you on the 4th of October together with numerous other space enthusiasts for a memorable afternoon!

March 6, 2015: third Space Dinner

You can find the presentations of Mr. Pletzer about weightlessness for all and about the the IAC young professionals workshop below.
Presentation Weightlessness for all BeSpace 2015
Presentation IAC IPMC YP Workshop 2015 Promotion



The flagship annual event of beSPACE, the network for young professionals, young graduates and students with a passion for space, who live, work or study in Belgium. The Space Dinner is first and foremost an opportunity to meet like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere over a bite and a drink. This is the programme of the evening:

  • 18:45 doors open
  • 19:00 planetarium show (until 19:30 approximately)
  • 19:15 drinks and walking dinner start
  • 20:15 presentations by
    • Vladimir Pletser, senior physicist and engineer at ESA
    • Diego Urbina, MARS500 crew member and systems engineer at Space Applications Services
    • Guillaume Dedeurwaerder from SABCA, about “Towards Ariane 6”
  • 21:15 drinks and networking event
  • 22:30 end

Thanks to the support of our sponsors BHRS, SABCA, QinetiQ Space, Vito, Antwerp Space and the Brussels Planetarium, the beSPACE space dinner is free.



All young space professionals and students in and from Belgium are invited. Come over & join beSPACE, meet like-minded people as well as people from industry, academia and public institutions. beSPACE is a community of young space enthusiasts, either from Belgium or living there. We meet up regularly to share experiences and help each other.

Space dinner 2015

Practical information

March 6, 2015. 19h – 23h. Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels. Boechoutlaan 10 avenue de Bouchout, 1020 Brussels Access by public transport:

  • Metro stop Houba-Brugmann on line 6
  • By train: Brussel-Centraal/Bruxelles-Centrale or Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid, then change to metro
  • By car: some free parking is available. See map below.

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beSPACE sessions survey

You can find the survey here.

At beSPACE, we have a great list of members from all over the space industry, academia and institutions in Belgium and around. However, until now, there is only the yearly Space Dinner to get in touch with each other.

We would like to change that with the “beSPACE sessions“. A beSPACE session will typically be a get together in a Belgian city, with some small presentations by beSPACE members focused on a subject related to space. The presentations could be an explanation of your work, or a more general introduction of a topic followed by a drink and some discussion or brainstorming. We have identified a couple of preliminary topics that we think many beSPACE members are interested in and that we would like to organise sessions around:

– cubesats
– payloads and instruments
– space electronics
– space mechanics
– propulsion
– space science and astronomy
– impact of space on humans
– space policy
– space law
– …

We would like to know what you think about this! Would you be interested in attending one of these sessions and/or in giving a presentation to your peers from around the Belgian space sector? We would love to hear something about your work, your research, your favorite discussion topic or your pet project! If you just register your interest by filling in our short survey, we can get to work on organizing the first beSPACE sessions!

You can find the survey here.

November 12, 2014: ESA YGT and ISU info session

Register here!

On Wednesday November 12, EUROAVIA Leuven and beSPACE are organising an informal session about becoming a Young Graduate Trainee (YGT) or a Belgian National Trainee at the European Space Agency (ESA), and also about the Summer Studies Programme at the International Space University (ISU). A couple of alumni will give you an insider’s look at what a YGT is all about, and will give you advice on how to apply for a YGT position. Afterwards the ISU programmes will be explained, as well as how to apply for them. There will be a short presentation for both topics and plenty of time for questions.

The event will start at 20h, in Bouwkunde 03.22 on Campus Arenberg near Leuven. Check the road description here: The most convenient parking spaces are at the Mechanical Engineering department (Werktuigkunde). The closest bus stop is on the ‘Kantineplein’ (take line 2 towards Heverlee campus from the Leuven train station). After the event, there will be a small free reception. If you want to come, please register here.